CRCL 48.2 Table of Contents

Issue 48.2 of CRCL is in press and will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

The table of contents follows.

Special Issue
Comparatism Now!
Guest Editor: Joshua Synenko

Introduction: Comparative Studies in a Precarious Present
Joshua Synenko 153

Section 1: Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice

De trans- à theoria : Résistance et cécité du savoir littéraire
Laurence Sylvain 160

Diversity, Inclusion, and “Othering”: Methodologies for Comparative Literature
Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay 180

World Literature, Coloniality, and Translation: Toward the Coexistence of Diversity and Unity
Pedram Lalbakhsh and Pouria Torkamaneh 193

Section 2: Performativity, Contemporaneity, and Media

Du cri punk dans le western de banlieue : Une étude de « Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fists »
Louis-Thomas Leguerrier et Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard 205

The Postfeminist Cinderella Narrative in Crazy Rich Asians
Kaby Wing-Sze Kung 219

Section 3: History and Memory

“This Is Your Fourth Shore”: Historical Amnesia and the Return of the Colonial Past in Antonio Tabucchi’s Piazza d’Italia
Sophie Desroches 237

La (re)construction de la mémoire dans les écritures migrantes : Étude comparative de Ru et Le champ dans la mer
Han Fei 261

Fatal Betrayal and Persistent Memory in Lou Ye’s Summer Palace
Lily Li 276

Archiving the Future: The Uneasy Relationship between Individual Memory and Communal Artifacts in Station Eleven
Lourdes Arciniega 296

CRCL 48.1 Table of Contents

Issue 48.1 of CRCL is in press and will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

The table of contents follows:

Special Issue
Bridging Divides via Comparative Literature / Créer des ponts par la littérature comparée
Guest Editor: Doris Hambuch

Doris Hambuch 5

Destroying Veronica Mars: Gentrification, Gendered Intersectionality, and the Coming of Age of Los Angeles
Susan Ingram 11

“It’s You Plus It’s … Art”: The #Artselfie Debate from Douglas Coupland to Tolstoy
Elena Siemens 27

Bodily Citationality and Hermeneutical Sex: Text, Image, and Ritual as Tools for Queer Intimacies
Shlomo Gleibman 41

Literature as Encounter: The Downpour of Accidents
Laurence Sylvain 62

Incendies de Wajdi Mouawad : Un carrefour traumatique
Mai Hussein 72

Bridging Cultural Identities through Cantonese Opera in Canada
Jack Hang-tat Leong 87

“It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got that Swing”: Jazz, Para-audible Cadence, and Deep Listening
in and around Cortázar’s Rayuela
Lee Dylan Campbell 103

Bridges within the Arts: Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese
Doris Hambuch and Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou 119

Untranslatable Texts and Literary Problems: A Canadian Perspective
Joseph Pivato 134

CRCL 47.4 Table of Contents

Issue 47.4 of CRCL is in press and will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

The table of contents follows.

Special Issue

Cultural Resonance and the Echo Chamber of Reading

Guest Editor: Shuangyi Li

Shuangyi Li 399

Resonant Listening: Reading Voices and Places in Born-Audio Literary Narratives
Sara Tanderup Linkis 407

Computational Resonance: Modelling Thomas Mann’s Early Novellas
Laura Alice Chapot 424

Sounds in Contact: The American Bird Sounds of a German-American Worker Poet and New Empirical Methods of Comparing Literary Sounds
Gunilla Eschenbach and Sandra Richter 449

Sounding the Dream: Crosscultural Reverberations between Can Xue and Jorge Luis Borges
Astrid Møller-Olsen 463

Echoes of the Past and Siberian Nature’s “Radical Otherness”: An Ecological Reading of Contemporary Travel Writing
Ana Calvete 480

National Renaissance and Nordic Resonance: Language History and Poetic Diction in Nineteenth-Century Sweden
Alfred Sjödin 496

Creative Destruction in Multilingual Sound Poetry: The Case of Eiríkur Örn Nor∂dahl
Karin Nykvist 514

The Resonance of Conflict: Genre and Politics in the Transatlantic Reception of The Quiet American
Oscar Jansson 533

Literary Resonances against Ideological Echo Chambers: Wu Zhuoliu’s Orphan of Asia and the Necessity of World Literature
Flair Donglai Shi 552

Notes and Documents

Wladimir Krysinski (1935-2020)

Wladimir Krysinski : sa critique du roman, du théâtre, de la poésie et de la critique, et son utopie qui est aussi la nôtre
Jean Bessière 572

Wladimir Krysinski: International Comparatist
Gerald Gillespie 575

CRCL 47.3 Table of Contents

Issue 47.3 of CRCL is currently in press and will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

The table of contents follows:

Operatic Prisons: Carcerality on the Stage and in Music
Rudolf Denk and Monika Fludernik 271
La Belle Captivated in a Phantom City: Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Visual Writing
Diana Darab 304
Politicizing an Intimidated Audience: A Study of the Influences on Sa’dallah
Wannous’s Political Theatre
Safi Mahmoud Mahfouz 316

Domino’s Philosophy of Luck: A Bataillean Reading
Troy Michael Bordun 337
Notes and Documents
Roland Le Huenen (1945-2020):
Une introduction à une appréciation /
An Introduction to an Appreciation
Jonathan Locke Hart 356

Le legs balzacien de Roland Le Huenen
Éric Bordas 360
Dernier voyage : Hommage à Roland Le Huenen
Sima Farsandaj 363
Hommage à Roland
Julie LeBlanc 365
Roland Le Huenen: His Life and Work
Jonathan Locke Hart 369

Book Reviews
Crain, Patricia
Reading Children: Literacy, Property, and the Dilemmas
of Childhood in Nineteenth-Century America

Brigitte Fielder 372
Jagoe, Eva-Lynn
Take Her, She’s Yours
Ricky Varghese 375
Fang, Karen
Arresting Cinema: Surveillance in Hong Kong Film
Jessica Ka Yee Chan 378
Fisk, Gloria
Orhan Pamuk and the Good of World Literature
Yuqian Cai 382
Nilsson, Louise, David Damrosch,
and Theo D’Haen, eds.
Crime Fiction as World Literature
Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen 386

CRCL 47.2 Table of Contents

The table of contents for issue 47.2 (June 2020). The issue will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.


In Memoriam: Mario J. Valdés (1934-2020)
Cristina Santos and Jonathan A. Allan 141

Lady Chatterley’s Green World: A Frygian Reading of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Jonathan A. Allan 143

Albert Camus and (Post)colonial Amnesia

Amar Acheraiou 158

La littérature koweïtienne contemporaine traduit en français : Le cas de Taleb Alrefai

Isabelle Bernard et Waël Rabadi 178

Magic Realism as Postcolonial Aesthetics in African and Afrodiasporic Literatures

Ousmane Ngom 196

Literary Dialogues

Voice and Memory in the Poetic Imagination: Nduka Otiono in Conversation with Chinua Achebe, Brenda Marie Osbey, and Gabriel Okara

Nduka Otiono 215


Notes and Documents

The Three Cities of George Steiner
Jerry White 230

Book reviews

White, R.S.

Avant-Garde Hamlet: Text, Stage, Screen

Cindy Chopoidalo 241

Shirane, Haruo, Tom Suzuki, and David Lurie, eds.

The Cambridge History of Japanese Literature

Timothy Iles 247

Knowles, Ric

Performing the Intercultural City

Jane Moss 250

Falardeau, Mira

L’art de la bande dessinée actuelle au Québec

Chris Reyns-Chikuma 253

Freed, Joanne Lipson

Haunting Encounters: The Ethics of Reading across Boundaries of Difference

Jakob Lothe 257

Desbois, Henri, et Philippe Gervais-Lambony « Les lieux que nous avons connus… » Deux essais sur la géographie, l’humain et la littérature

François Paré 260

CRCL 47.1: A Tribute to E.D. Blodgett

The table of contents for issue 47.1, our special tribute issue to E.D. Blodgett. The issue will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

Special Issue

Perspectives on Comparative Canadian Literature: A Tribute to E.D. Blodgett

Guest Editors: Manijeh Mannani and Evelyne Gagnon


E.D. Blodgett, Poet and Scholar: An Introduction

Annika Rosanowski, Evelyne Gagnon,
and Manijeh Mannani 5

Sur la pratique et la pensée de la traduction chez E.D. Blodgett

Patricia Godbout 20

E.D. Blodgett, fin lecteur de la première femme de lettres du Far Ouest franco-canadien

Pamela V. Sing 30

La Corriveau d’Anne Hebert : Traverser d’un côté à l’autre des barreaux

Leslie Savath 43


“I Admit to a Slight Ambiguity”: Reflecting upon Canada’s Creative and Critical Literary Inquisitors

Matthew Cormier 57

Eaux troubles : Migrations clandestines dans The Illegal de Lawrence Hill et Tropique de la Violence de Nathacha Appanah

Srilata Ravi 74

Island as a Figure of the Unconscious: Toward a Metaphorical Relation between Human and Place in Michael Crummey’s Sweetland

Sergiy Yakovenko 88

Singing Louis Riel: The Centennial Quest for Representative Canadian Heroes

Albert Braz 107

E.D. Blodgett: A Bibliography
Annika Rosanowski 123

CRCL 46.4 Table of Contents

The table of contents for issue 46.4 (December 2019). The issue will be posted on EBSCO and Project MUSE.


« Des hommes sur des échasses » : Narrations contemporaines à grande échelle

Nicolas Xanthos 543

Things that Happen in the Dark: Joseph Conrad, E.M. Forster, and Emmanuel Levinas on the Self and the Other

Hamza Karam Ally 561

Ulysse chez Kafka et Lispector : Le littéraire entre affect et raison

Louis-Thomas Leguerrier 574

Illness of the Gendered Body, Freud’s The Uncanny, and “Being-in-the-World”

Megan Perram 587

Notes and Documents

Knowledge Is a Commons – Pour des savoirs en commun : The Making-of

Servanne Monjour & Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard 601


Book Reviews

Solovieva, Olga V.

Christ’s Subversive Body: Practices of Religious Rhetoric in Culture and Politics

John P. Bartkowski 612

Hatto, Arthur

The World of the Khanty Epic Hero-Princes: An Exploration of a Siberian Oral Tradition

Robin P. Harris 614

Helmers, Helmer J.

The Royalist Republic: Literature, Politics, and Religion in the Anglo-Dutch Public Sphere, 1639-1660

Jeroen Dewulf 618

Plotz, John

Semi-Detached: The Aesthetics of Virtual Experience since Dickens

Jil Larson 620

Haroumi, Naima, and Chantal Maillé, eds.

Le sujet de feminisme, est-il blanc? Femmes racisées et recherche féministe

Nicoleta Marinescu 625

Marran, Christine L.

Ecology without Culture: Aesthetics for a Toxic World

Christopher Schliephake 629

Peretz, Eyal

The Off-Screen: An Investigation of the Cinematic Frame

Daniel Keyes 633

Issue 46.3 is on its way!

Due to medical issues, 46.3 was delayed, but it is now in press.

The Table of Contents is presented below.


World Citizenship and Weltliteratur:
Revisiting the Origins of Comparative Literature

Antoni Martí Monterde 399

“If Love Is Love, It’s Free”: A Vedantic Reading of Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day

Sukhbir Singh 423

Le Dragon bleu : Adapter le cadre de la peinture au théâtre de Robert Lepage et de ce théâtre à la bande dessinée de Fred Jourdain, cosmopolitiquement et ludiquement

Chris Reyns-Chikuma 446

Becoming Muslim or Becoming Malay? Conversion to Islam in Two Sinophone Malaysian Short Stories

Antonio Paoliello 470

Promouvoir les pratiques plurilingues et collaboratives
chez les comparatistes emergent.e.s : A Colingual Intervention

Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard featuring Fan Wu 488


Review Article

Interdisciplinary Adventures in Consciousness Studies
Paul Megna 503

Book Reviews

Jackson, Mark, ed.

Coloniality, Ontology, and the Question of the Posthuman

Sarah Juliet Lauro 514

Robbins, Bruce

The Beneficiary

Joshua Gooch 519

Posthumus, Stephanie

French Écocritique: Reading Contemporary French Theory and Fiction Ecologically

Jonathan F. Krell 523

Azadibougar, Omid

The Persian Novel: Ideology, Fiction, and Form in the Periphery

Claus Valling Pedersen 526

Smart, Patricia

Writing Herself into Being: Quebec’s Autobiographical Writings from Marie de l’Incarnation to Nelly Arcan

Eftiha Mihelakis 529

Lorre-Johnston, Christine, and Eleonora Rao, eds.

Space and Place in Alice Munro’s Fiction: “A Book with Maps in It”

Mirosława Buchholtz 532

Issue 46.2 is on its way!

Production of issue 46.2 has taken a little longer than expected, due to our Assistant Editor, Cindy Chopoidalo, injuring her back in the summer. She is currently recovering, and issue 46.2 is now on the way.

The Table of Contents for CRCL 46.2, a Special Issue on Translation in Early Modern England and France, plus a Forum on Giulia de Gasperi and Joseph Pivato’s Comparative Literature for the New Century:

Special Issue

Translation as “Transformission” in Early Modern England and France
Guest Editors: Marie-Alice Belle and Brenda M. Hosington

Marie-Alice Belle and Brenda M. Hosington 201

Foreword: Translation and Transformission; or, Early Modernity in Motion
A. E. B. Coldiron 205

Le chantier épique d’Hugues Salel : La construction de la première version métrique
de l’Illiade en français
John Nassichuk 217

Jacques Peletier du Mans, traducteur du Canzoniere de Pétrarque
Riccardo Raimondo 235

Marginal Reactions: Responses to Translations of Machiavelli in Early Modern English Marginalia
Alessandra Petrina 252

Anthony Munday and the Transformission of Some Continental Writings on Women and Love
Brenda M. Hosington 268

The Many Lives of Raleigh’s Ghost: Reframing Atheism and the Afterlife in Early Stuart Britain
Marie-Alice Belle 295

“That Famous Wit and Cavaleer of France”: The English Translation of Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1650s
Line Cottegnies 318

Translating the Cabinet of Curiosities in Early Modern England
Brent Nelson 336


Translation, Language, and Dialogue: A Critical Response to Comparative Literature for the New Century
Arianne Des Rochers 353

Comparing Literatures in Canada: Joseph Pivato and the Postculture of Disappearance
Susan Ingram 364

Translingual Practices and Alternatives: Literary Studies in the Age of Global Mobility
Arianna Dagnino 380

Issue 46.1 is on its way!

Our special issue, “Fictionaliser les dérives de la globalisation / Fictionalizing Dark Sides of Globalization,” is now in press and is also available on EBSCO and Project MUSE.

The table of contents follows.

Special Issue

Fictionaliser les dérives de la globalisation / Fictionalizing Dark Sides of Globalization

Guest Editors: Amaury Dehoux and/et Erica Durante

Amaury Dehoux et Erica Durante 7

Le transnationalisme à deux vitesses :
La bipolarité de la globalisation et ses effets néfastes

Amaury Dehoux 14

Imagining the World and Its End: Ambivalent Globalization(s) in David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten

Noémie Nélis 30

Congo Inc. Le Testament de Bismarck d’In Koli Jean Bofane : Fiction postmoderne et postcoloniale d’une Afrique aux prises avec les ombres de la mondialisation

Dacharly Mapangou 45

The Pedagogies of Sex Trafficking Postcolonial Fiction: Consent, Agency, and Neoliberalism in Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters’ Street

Laura Barberán Reinares 56


Can the Subaltern Fly? Female Bodies in Molano’s and Marston’s Narcofiction

Erica Durante 77

Global Crime, Forensic Detective Fiction, and the Continuum of Containment

Nicole Kenley 96


Rabindranath Tagore’s India and William Butler Yeats’s Ireland: The Intersection of Classical Languages, Literature, and Nation-Building in Postcolonial East and West

Carl S. O’Brien 115

From the Brazilian Senzala to the Japanese Buraku: Naturalism, Stigma, and the Rise of Human Rights Discourse in Aluísio Azevedo and Shimazaki Tōson

Roberto Pinheiro Machado 134

Review Article

Elegies for Theory
Andre Furlani 164

Book Reviews

Martinsen, Deborah, and Olga Maiorova, eds.

Dostoevsky in Context

Irina Erman 171

Song, Mingwei

Young China: National Rejuvenation and the Bildungsroman, 1900-1959

Andrea Bachner 175


Ungureanu, Delia

From Paris to Tlön: Surrealism as World Literature

David F. Richter 179

Paulicelli, Eugenia, Drake Stutesman, and Louise Wallenberg, eds.
Film, Fashion, and the 1960s

Hilary Radner 182

Yu, Sherry

Diasporic Media beyond the Diaspora: Korean Media in Vancouver and Los Angeles

David C. Oh 185

Boucher, François-Emmanuël, Sylvain David, et Maxime Prévost, dir.
Mythologies du superhéros: Histoire, physiologie, géographie, intermédialités

Chris Reyns-Chikuma 187

Fawaz, Ramzi

The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics

Anna F. Peppard 192