Issue 41.2 is in press: featuring CompLit in Canada Cluster

We are pleased to announce that issue 41.2, featuring the Comparative Literature in Canada article cluster, has been sent to press and should be available in time for the CCLA Congress at the end of this month.

The content page is as follows:


Editor’s Note / Note du directeur
Jonathan Hart 106

Rejuvenating T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
Ghanim Samarrai 112

Ma Jian and Gao Xingjian:
Intellectual Nomadism and Exilic Consciousness in Sinophone Literature

Shuyu Kong 126

Alexeï Tsvetkov et Laurent Fourcaut : Renouvellement du sonnet amoureux

Nadezda Vashkevich 147

Towards a Common Civilization:
G. Lowes Dickinson, China, and Global Humanism

Q.S. Tong 156


The Good and the Read: Literary Value and Readership in Canadian Literature

Albert Braz 174



A Brief Opening / Brève ouverture
Jonathan Hart 183

You and Me: Relational Ontologies in Canadian Comparative Literature

Lindsay R. Parker 187

La littérature comparée et son extension prochaine : les espaces vidéo-ludiques

Tristan Bera 191

The Road Less Travelled: A Student’s Perspective on Exploring Uncharted Literary Terrain in Graduate Research Projects

Alexandre Desbiens-Brassard 194

Meeting Ground: Considering the Place, Value and Choice of Comparative Literature

Jacqueline Sloan Morgan 197

Critical Regionalism and the Goals of Comparative Literature

Pushpa Acharya 201

The Nuances of Comparing or Justifying Comparative Literature Programs

Juan Carlos Rodriguez 203

The Comparative Impetus: Thoughts on the Changing Landscape of Comparative Literature

Christian Ylagan 206

Comparative Canadian Literature: A Testimony from Below

Andrea C. Valente 209

On the State of Comparative Literature in Canada

Avishek Ray 213

Towards a Globalectical Reading of Comparative Canadian Literature

Asma Sayed 216

Comparative Literature and the Adjunct

Jonathan A. Allan 220

Une nouvelle Weltanschauung :
manifestation de l’esprit moderne dans l’art dramatique

Sara Bressan 223

Shake Up, not Shake-Down:
Comparative Literature as a Twenty-First Century Discipline

Sheena Wilson 226