Issue 41.3 is in press!

Our special issue “(Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature”, part of a joint project with Peking University’s Journal of Comparative Literature and World Literature, is now in press.

The content page is as follows:

Special Issue

(Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature

Guest Editors: Daniel Fried and Zhang Hui

Neither Here nor There:

The (Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature

Daniel Fried and Zhang Hui 237

‘In Transit’:

Taxi Driving as a Mini Paradigm in Gaito Gazdanov’s Night Roads and
Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi!

Yulia Pushkarevskaya Naughton 242

Paradigm Lost in the Interpretation of the Book of Changes

Keyang Dou 254

Conservative in Form, Revolutionary in Content:

Rethinking World Literary Canons in an Age of Globalization

Rebecca Gould 270

Two Questions about Categories in the Relationship of Chinese Literature to World Literature

Josh Stenberg 287

The Birth of Utopia

Zhang Pei 304

The Nightmarish and Fantastic China in The Woman Warrior

Qin Liyan 313