Issue 43.1: Exploring Canadian Identities in Canadian Comics

Issue 43.1 is in press and will be mailed out very soon.

This special issue on Canadian Comics also features some illustrations in black-and-white and in colour.

Special Issue

Exploring Canadian Identities in Canadian Comics

Guest Editors: Chris Reyns-Chikuma and Gail de Vos

Chris Reyns-Chikuma and Gail de Vos 5

“A Necessary Antidote”:
Graphic Novels, Comics, and Indigenous Writing

Sarah Henzi 23

“Good Relationships Mean Good Lives”: Warrior-Survivor Identity/ies in David Alexander Robertson’s 7 Generations

Debra Dudek 39

Seeing and Nothingness: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Haida Manga, and a Critique of the Gutter

Richard Harrison 51

The Chance of Life: Jeff Lemire’s Essex County Trilogy, Canadian Identity, and the Mythos of Hockey

Dale Jacobs and Greg Paziuk 75


Paul à Québec, le génie des lieux comme patrimoine identitaire

Sylvie Dardaillon et Christophe Meunier 87

Making up History: A Look at Johnny Canuck from the Comic Page to the Dramatic Stage

Lindsay Thistle 103

Adventurous Children: Creating a Canadian Identity in Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids(TM)

Alyson E. King 119

Allan Beaton’s “Ookpik” Was Here

Michelle Bauldic 137

Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way:
The War-Time Comics of Bell Features Publications

Ivan Kocmarek 148

Seth’s Ironic Identities: Forging Canadian History

Daniel Marrone 166

Fiona Staples and the Long Horizon
Matilda Roche 180