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As a member of the Canadian Association of Learned Journals, CRCL will be part of the CALJ display table at the Congress 2016 Book Fair.

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Issue 43.2 is on its way!

As the CCLA Congress in Calgary approaches, we are pleased to announce that issue 43.2 is in press.

The contents of this issue are:


Reading Northrop Frye Reading François Rabelais
Robert D. Denham 203

Peine perdue : Traduction, deuil, et humanisme dans Nox d’Anne Carson
Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt 222

Worlds of Libraries: Metafictional Works by Arlt, Borges, Bermani, and De Santis
Cynthia Gabbay 241

Dialogues Across Theory and Practice

Introduction to “The Orientalist Photograph”
Amir Khadem 263

The Orientalist Photograph: An Object of Comparison
Ali Behdad 265

Review Articles

Comparative Milton and Poetics
Jonathan Locke Hart 282

Reading (Deconstructing) J. Hillis Miller: Humanist and Pluralist
Daniel R. Schwarz 303

Book Reviews

Lorenz, Philip
The Tears of Sovereignty: Perspectives of Power in Renaissance Drama
Alejandro Garcia-Reidy 308

Freitag, Florian
The Farm Novel in North America: Genre and Nation in the United States,
English Canada, and French Canada, 1845-1945
Albert Braz 311

Davis, Caroline
Creating Postcolonial Literature: African Writers and British Publishers
Nathan Suhr-Sytsma 313

Awadalla, Maggie, and Paul March-Russell, eds.
The Postcolonial Short Story: Contemporary Essays
Kathryn Lachman 316

Parker, Adele, and Stephanie Young, eds.
Transnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Women’s Writing
Polina Kroik 320

Albuquerque, Severino J., and Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez, eds.
Performing Brazil: Essays on Culture, Identity, and the Performing Arts
Axel Perez Trujillo 324

Frank, Michael C., and Eva Gruber, eds.
Literature and Terrorism: Comparative Perspectives
Peter C. Herman 327

Issue 43.1: Exploring Canadian Identities in Canadian Comics

Issue 43.1 is in press and will be mailed out very soon.

This special issue on Canadian Comics also features some illustrations in black-and-white and in colour.

Special Issue

Exploring Canadian Identities in Canadian Comics

Guest Editors: Chris Reyns-Chikuma and Gail de Vos

Chris Reyns-Chikuma and Gail de Vos 5

“A Necessary Antidote”:
Graphic Novels, Comics, and Indigenous Writing

Sarah Henzi 23

“Good Relationships Mean Good Lives”: Warrior-Survivor Identity/ies in David Alexander Robertson’s 7 Generations

Debra Dudek 39

Seeing and Nothingness: Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Haida Manga, and a Critique of the Gutter

Richard Harrison 51

The Chance of Life: Jeff Lemire’s Essex County Trilogy, Canadian Identity, and the Mythos of Hockey

Dale Jacobs and Greg Paziuk 75


Paul à Québec, le génie des lieux comme patrimoine identitaire

Sylvie Dardaillon et Christophe Meunier 87

Making up History: A Look at Johnny Canuck from the Comic Page to the Dramatic Stage

Lindsay Thistle 103

Adventurous Children: Creating a Canadian Identity in Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids(TM)

Alyson E. King 119

Allan Beaton’s “Ookpik” Was Here

Michelle Bauldic 137

Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way:
The War-Time Comics of Bell Features Publications

Ivan Kocmarek 148

Seth’s Ironic Identities: Forging Canadian History

Daniel Marrone 166

Fiona Staples and the Long Horizon
Matilda Roche 180


Issue 42.4: Novel Beyond Nation is in press!

Apologies for the delay in mailing issue 42.3. It was delayed at the printer, but subscribers should now have received their copies.

Issue 42.4 is now in press and will be mailed out and posted on Project Muse soon.

Special Issue

Novel beyond Nation

Guest Editor: Jernej Habjan

Introduction: Novel beyond Nation
Jernej Habjan 347

Novels before Nations: How Early US Novels Imagined Community

Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse 353

Pre-modern Joking Relationships in Modern Europe: From Le Neveu de Rameau to Le Neveu de Lacan

Jernej Habjan 370

The Nation Between the Epic and the Novel: France Prešeren’s The Baptism on the Savica as a Compromise “World Text”

Marko Juvan 382

Autonomy after Autonomy, or, The Novel beyond Nation: Roberto Bolaño’s 2666

Emilio Sauri 396

The Narrator and the Nation-Builder: Dialect, Dialogue, and Narrative Voice in Minority and Working-Class Fiction

Alexander Beecroft 410 Novel, Utopia, Nation: A History of Interdependence

Hrvoje Tutek 424

Neomedievalism in Three Contemporary City Novels: Tobar, Adichie, Lee

Caren Irr 439

Crisis of the Novel and the Novel of Crisis
Suman Gupta 454

Issue 42.3 is on its way!

The September 2015 issue of CRCL (42.3) is in press and will be available in print and on Project Muse.

The content page is as follows:


9/11, 9/11: Chile and Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Albert Braz 241

Une humanité sans homme ?
Dessin anthropologique du roman contemporain

Amaury Dehoux 257

Phenomenology from Robbe-Grillet to Julio Cortázar: An Essay on the Poetics of Presence

Roberto Pinheiro Machado 271

La Noblesse dans La Comédie humaine et
Le Rêve dans le Pavillon rouge:
Eugène de Rastignac et Jia Village sous Pluie

Chia-Ping Kan 295

Book reviews

Jackson, Virginia, and Yopie Prins, eds.

The Lyric Theory Reader: A Critical Anthology

Justin Kolb 317

El-Ariss, Tarek

Trials of Arab Modernity:
Literary Affects and the New Political

Nadia Bou Ali 320

Houppermans, Sjef, Peter Liebregts, Jam Baetens, and Otto Boele, eds. Modernism Today

Verita Sriratana 325

Kershaw, Angela

Before Auschwitz: Irène Némirovsky and the Cultural Landscape of Inter-war France

Sarah Jefferies 327

Weldt-Basson, Helene Carol, ed.

Redefining Latin American Historical Fiction: The Impact of Feminism and Postcolonialism

Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera 331

Craps, Stef

Postcolonial Witnessing: Trauma Out of Bounds

Veronica Austen 334

Åström, Berit, Katarina Gregersdottir,
and Tanja Horek, eds.
Rape in Stieg Larsson ́s Millennium Trilogy and Beyond: Contemporary Scandinavian and Anglophone Crime Fiction

Annemette Hejlsted 337

Issue 42.2 has arrived!

In time for the 2015 CCLA Congress, issue 42.2 is now available and is being mailed to subscribers. The issue can also be read on Project Muse.

The contents of 42.2 are as follows:


Intertextualidad y historiografía:
Las citas célebres de las Crónicas de Indias,

o el discurso de la historiografía

Marieke Delahaye 137

The Migrant Vision in Günter Grass’s The Tin Drum

Søren Frank 156

“Per omnia saecula saeculorum” or “Inkaba yakho iphi?”:

Indigeneity in Alex La Guma and Aidan Higgins

James Gifford 171

Of Gorbachev’s Perestroika, Plato’s Noble Lie,

the Utopian Tradition, and the Third Sophistic

Nikita Nankov 190

Review Article

Recent Work in Caribbean Literature
Amanda Perry 208

Book Reviews

Caws, Mary Ann

Surprised in Translation

Tim Conley 218

Lichtenstein, Sabine, ed.

Music’s Obedient Daughter

David Menzies 221

McMaster, Juliet, et al., eds.

Crossing Canada, 1907:

The Diary of Hope Hook

Kathryn Carter 223

Spargo, R. Clifton, and Robert M. Ehrenreich, eds.

After Representation?:

The Holocaust, Literature, and Culture

Sarah Shewchuk 226

Ladouceur, Louise

Dramatic License:

Translating Theatre from One Official Language to the Other in Canada

Moira Day 228

Festić, Fatima

The Body of the Postmodernist Narrator:

Between Violence and Artistry

Leena Kurvet-Käosaar 231

Peacock, Steven, ed.
Stieg Larsson ́s Millennium Trilogy:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Nordic Noir on Page and Screen

Annemette Hejlsted 233

Issue 42.1: Migrants and Their Memories is in press!

Issue 42.1 is in press and will be available in print and on Project Muse very soon.

The contents are as follows:

Special Issue

Migrants and Their Memories
Guest Editors: Tee Kim-Tong & I-Chun Wang

The Ancient Future:
Diasporic Residency and Food-based Knowledges in the Work of American Indigenous and Pacific Austronesian Writers

Joni Adamson 5

“I See Myself Elsewhere”:
The Works of Marie Cardinal and Assia Djebar

Tzu-Shiow Chuang 18

Walking among Palm Trees: Beauty, Culture, Geography

Rudolphus Teeuwen 32

Mixed-race Migration and Adoption in Gish Jen’s The Love Wife

Jenny Wen-chuan Chu 45

The “I” in the Deconstruction of Frontiers through Memory: Postcolonial Diasporas

Benaouda Lebdai 57

Articulating the Exodus:
Place and Memory in Vietnamese-American Women Writers’ Novels

Yu-yen Liu 69

The Construction of a New Émigré Self in 20th-Century Russian Paris
in Short Stories by Nadezhda Teffi

Natalia Starostina 81

On the Migration of Pi:
Toward a Rhetoric of Identification

Jen-chieh Tsai 94

Colonial Memories: Anxieties, Environment, and Cultural Encounter in Paul Green’s
The Lost Colony

I-Chun Wang 107


New Trees, New Medicines, New Wars: The Chickasaw Removal

Linda Hogan 121