Issue 44.1 is now in press!

Issue 44.1 of CRCL is now in press.

Special Issue

Environmental Ethics and Activism in Indigenous Literature and Film

Guest Editors: Isabelle St-Amand and Warren Cariou

Environmental Ethics through Changing Landscapes: Indigenous Activism and Literary Arts

Warren Cariou and Isabelle St-Amand 7

“Our Economy Walks on the Land”: Secwepemc Resistance and Resilience a er the Imperial Metals Mt. Polley Tailings Storage Facility Breach

Norah Bowman 25

Le collectif Arnait Video Productions et le cinéma engagé des femmes inuits :
Guérison communautaire et mémoire culturelle

Karine Bertrand 36

Pipelines, Mines, and Dams: Indigenous Water Ecologies and the Fight for a Sustainable Future

William Huggins 54

L’âme en tannage de Natasha Kanapé Fontaine : Souveraineté orale, territoriale et mémorielle

Gabrielle Marcoux 68


The First Major Theoretician? Northrop Frye and Literary Theory

Jonathan A. Allan 82

“Orients” of the Mind: Deviance, Sexual Enlightenment, and True Love in Fredericks’s Degenerate Empress, Vynnychuk’s Zhytiie haremnoie (Life in the Harem), and Parker’s Roxelana & Suleyman

Maryna Romanets 95

Ghost Returns and Historical Memories in
Zhang Yimou’s Gui lai and Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver

Miaowei Weng 111

Review Article

The End of Extreme Cinema Studies
Troy Michael Bordun 122

Book Reviews

Bloch, R. Howard, et al., eds.

Rethinking the New Medievalism

Stephen R. Reimer 137

Vinken, Barbara

Flaubert Postsecular: Modernity Crossed Out

Kate Rees 141

Denton, A. Kirk, ed.

The Columbia Companion to Modern Chinese Literature

Letizia Fusini 144

Figueroa, Víctor

Prophetic Visions of the Past: Pan-Caribbean Representations of the Haitian Revolution

Kahlil Chaar-Pérez 148

Morton, Timothy

Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence

Kristin George Bagdanov 152

Bérubé, Michael

The Secret Life of Stories: From Don Quixote to Harry Potter, How Understanding Intellectual Disability Transforms the Way We Read

Adam Barrows 156


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