Issue 42.4: Novel Beyond Nation is in press!

Apologies for the delay in mailing issue 42.3. It was delayed at the printer, but subscribers should now have received their copies.

Issue 42.4 is now in press and will be mailed out and posted on Project Muse soon.

Special Issue

Novel beyond Nation

Guest Editor: Jernej Habjan

Introduction: Novel beyond Nation
Jernej Habjan 347

Novels before Nations: How Early US Novels Imagined Community

Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse 353

Pre-modern Joking Relationships in Modern Europe: From Le Neveu de Rameau to Le Neveu de Lacan

Jernej Habjan 370

The Nation Between the Epic and the Novel: France Prešeren’s The Baptism on the Savica as a Compromise “World Text”

Marko Juvan 382

Autonomy after Autonomy, or, The Novel beyond Nation: Roberto Bolaño’s 2666

Emilio Sauri 396

The Narrator and the Nation-Builder: Dialect, Dialogue, and Narrative Voice in Minority and Working-Class Fiction

Alexander Beecroft 410 Novel, Utopia, Nation: A History of Interdependence

Hrvoje Tutek 424

Neomedievalism in Three Contemporary City Novels: Tobar, Adichie, Lee

Caren Irr 439

Crisis of the Novel and the Novel of Crisis
Suman Gupta 454


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