Issue 41.4 is in press!

Happy Holidays from the CRCL staff!

Our special issue “Neo-Latin and Translation in the Renaissance” is in press and will be available in print and on Project Muse.

The content page is as follows:

Special Issue

Neo-Latin and Translation in the Renaissance Guest Editor: Andrew Taylor

Introduction: The Translations of Renaissance Latin
Andrew Taylor 329

‘I Give You Back Plutarch in Latin’:
Guarino Veronese’s Version of Plutarch’s Dion (1414) and Early Humanist Translation

Marianne Pade 354

Politian’s Translation of Callimachus’s ‘Bath of Pallas’ in the Miscellanea (1489)

Jaspreet Singh Boparai 369

Croatian into Latin in 1510:
Marko Marulić and the Cultural Translation of Regum Delmatiae atque Croatiae gesta

Neven Jovanović 389

How to Hold Your Tongue:
John Christopherson’s Plutarch and the Mid-Tudor Politics of Catholic Humanism

Andrew Taylor 411

‘If the Past is a Foreign Country’: Neo-Latin Histories, their Paratexts, and English Cultural Translation

Brenda M. Hosington 432

Concurrent Publication of Medical Works in Neo-Latin and French in Early Modern France

Valerie Worth-Stylianou 456

Three Very Different Translators: Joseph Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon and Richard Thomson

Paul Botley 477

On Translating More’s Utopia
Dominic Baker-Smith 492


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